Varicose Veins Treatment Scotland

Varicose Veins from £380


We offer extremely competitive prices for those wishing to have they vein issues resolved:

Initial consultation with a Consultant Vascular surgeon, including ultrasound scan if required is a flat fee of £50

For patients wishing to have a review with a Nurse regarding thread veins this is £25

The cost for varicose vein removal at our Glasgow clinic starts from just £380 and for those needing treatment for thread veins the costs start from £120.

For anybody looking to spread payments we have partnered with Afford it Now. Please ask our staff for details.

Cost for Individual Items of Service


Varicose VeinsPrice
VENEFIT or Clarivein Unilateral (LA)£ 1,745
VENEFIT or Clarivein Bilateral (LA)£ 2,145
VENEFIT or Clarivein Bilateral (LA) – over 2 sessions£ 2,645
Foam sclerotherapy w/ U’sound Guidance Unilateral£ 380
Foam sclerotherapy w/ U’sound Guidance Bilateral£ 700
Venefit or Clarivein + Sclerotherapy Unilateral (LA)£ 1,995
Venefit or Clarivein + Sclerotherapy Bilateral (LA)£ 2,395
Facial Thread Veins (Laser / IPL)Price
Test Patch£ 50
Minor (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 120-280
Intermediate (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 150-350
Major (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 250-600
Leg Thread Veins (Laser / IPL)Price
Test Patch£ 50
Minor to Mild 1/2 Legs (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 250-595
Mild Both Legs (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 350-850
Severe 1/2 Legs (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 350-850
Major Both Legs (1 – 3 Treatments)£ 500-999
Leg Thread Veins (Microsclerotheraphy)Price
Single Session (Nurse)£ 250
Second Session (Nurse)£ 220
Third Session (Nurse)£ 180

This is not an exhaustive list of procedures and in the event that another procedure is required then the consultant will discuss this with you and advise you of a price prior to undertaking the procedure.

We hope that this information enables you to make an informed choice that best suits you.

If you require more information from one of our team, or to book a consultation with one of our consultants contact us now on, 0141 328 2818

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